PEPA Arcade
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In our platform, vPEPA tokens play an integral role in incentivizing users to stake. For every 100 PEPA tokens staked, one vPEPA token is received. vPEPA token holders are eligible for subsidiary token tax rewards from the platform, with the reward system tiered according to levels. The allocation of these rewards is proportional to the amount of vPEPA held by an individual, relative to the total quantity of vPEPA held by all users within the same level. vPEPA token holders have the option to unstake their tokens at any point, effectively allowing them to exchange their vPEPA tokens back into PEPA tokens.
Through this mechanism, we further enrich the utility of our token economy, encouraging active participation and healthy circulation of tokens within our ecosystem. This process fosters sustained engagement and creates additional avenues for value creation for our users, affirming our commitment to offer a truly immersive and rewarding gaming experience.
For example, a player of level 25 has 100 vPEPA. The total vPEPA holded by players in the level gap from 20-25 are 25,000 vPEPA. The reward for this player will be 30%*100/25,000=0.12%