PEPA Arcade
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Combat System

Unleashing strategies
PvE (Player vs Environment):
Land expansion is essential for players to enhance the scope of their simulated operations, a precondition for the advancement of their overall level. However, it's not just about growing one's domain. Each territory expansion is a gateway to a wealth of opportunities. It grants players access to a more substantial pool of resources for collection, expanded areas for building, and the promise of more significant rewards. As players delve into PVE battles, they unlock an abundance of NFT and token rewards, making each instance of land expansion a thrilling prospect for advancement and wealth accumulation.
Game Format
These take the form of classic turn-based modes. The battleground is roughly 10x10 with a small portion of the area designated as troop deployment positions. There might also be terrain elements and shapes such as quadrilaterals or hexagons.
Four phases as the player leveling up
  • Beginner: Population Dividend Period
Each time you combat monsters, the number of troops deployed is limited (5), and the initial number of troops (3) is less than the maximum deployment limit. Therefore, as long as you manage the existing territories well and develop the population, you can defeat monsters with the lowest difficulty level.
  • Intermediate: Troop Type Restriction Period
The transition from specialized production labor to specialized combat unit means that the combat units naturally produced by the players are inevitably niche. This is highly related to the division of labor in the simulation operation. Through strategy planning, change of quantity and position or simple type restraint of the combat unit, players may or may not be able to defeat advanced monsters.
  • Advanced: Strategic Matching Period
At this point, you need to invite friends to help in battle. In order to achieve specific tactical goals, the unique types of troops that friends have are complementary to your own, thus forming a "fixed team." Compared to trading, PVE combat requires higher coordination and cooperation among friends.
  • Expert: Guild Fight Period
This involves leveraging the guild's high-end combat power to unlock wasteland in advance.
PvP(Player vs Player):
PvE v.s. PvP
In PEPA, both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) are turn-based strategy games and share the same battle mechanism. They both cater to various player styles, ensuring an inclusive gaming experience. PvE, typically enjoyed by solo players or guild members, is a daily endeavor. The objective here revolves around territorial expansion and production increase. Triumph in these encounters can lead to the acquisition of rare in-game items, providing significant boosts to players' progression.
On the other hand, PvP offers a more intense, competitive experience, conducted on a seasonal or monthly basis. PvP battles provide an opportunity for guilds to generate collective honor, establish opinion leaders, and exercise discourse authority within the gaming community. This strategic interaction and competition foster a vibrant, dynamic, and engaging social environment within the game.
Tournament Structure
Since PvP will be opened to guilds only, the setup is a battle between two groups of 12 combat units each. Using a Swiss-system format, the top four will be determined, followed by a knockout stage to decide the champion, runner-up, and third and fourth places. Rewards will be distributed based on the performance in the Swiss rounds and the ranking in the knockout stage.
Troops Acquisition:
As players explore advanced stages of the combat system, they will realize the necessity of deployment of troops. When a combat tent, categorized as a building on the land, is constructed, it initially houses three soldiers. These soldiers possess different attributes and roles; for instance, some may be axemen, archers, artillerymen, or infantry. Each type of soldier resides in a specific tent that corresponds to their role.
Later in the game, as players advance their land and building levels, they gain the ability to increase their troop strength. These additional troops can be acquired in various ways, including through resource and token trading. This fosters a strategic layer of gameplay, as players must carefully consider the composition of their armies and how they allocate their resources.