PEPA Arcade
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Value Proposition

what makes us different
PEPA is a Gamified DeFi Services Aggregator, blending gaming and established DeFi protocols, empowering players, transforming DeFi, and redefining web 3 engagement.

Pain Points

PEPA is designed to target the current pain points of the DeFi market:
1. Confusing or complicated front end
2. Minimum guidelines
3. High barrier to entry
4. Low user stickiness

Value Proposition

Based on the above pain points, PEPA’s unique value proposition includes the following:
1. Seamless Integration: We infuse complicated DeFi protocols on a single station, where users, even those with little web3 experience, will be able to access these protocols through intuitive gameplay. Our game connects all these DeFi services with our gameplay so that they can be visualized and accessible to everyone, and not limited to web3 communities.
2. Wide Array of Products: Users are able to experience a diverse array of products like lending, DEX, perpetuals, liquidity mining, LSD, and more.
3. Convenient All in One Station: Compared to the traditional aggregator, PEPA provides a wide range of products that fulfills users' needs and allows them to complete everything in an all-inclusive station.
4. Traffic Aggregator for Chain & Protocols: PEPA is a chain-agnostic product. We attract and drive traffic to established DeFi protocols and chains itself. We also take advantage of the existing traffic and popularity of these protocols and chains, transforming it into our own traffic, and then become the entrance of traffic.
5. Social Hub for DeFi Traders: PEPA creates a space for DeFi traders to social and hang out with each other. We added stealing games and PVE games to encourage the competitive instinct and teams & community formation.