What is PEPA

PEPA is a gamified DeFi service aggregator that seamlessly fuses the excitement of Web3 gaming with the innovative world of DeFi in an unified hub, revolutionizing user engagement and amplifying returns. Our state-of-the-art simulation and multiplayer strategy game empowers players by offering unique in-game items, tokens, and valuable rewards, all while interacting with a comprehensive range of DeFi products such as lending, DEX, perpetuals, liquidity mining, LSD and more.

By lowering the barrier to enter the Web 3 ecosystem, we're democratizing access and fostering widespread participation. As a chain-agnostic platform, we attract a diverse range of users to interact with multiple blockchains' ecosystems, further strengthening the networks and fostering growth.

Our vision is to onboard the next millions of users by empowering players, transforming DeFi, and redefining web 3 engagement.

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