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Build your own kingdom

Beginner Stage

In the initial stage of the game, players embark on their journey by entering the PEPA main city. They engage in a series of beginner tasks designed to familiarize them with the game mechanics and earn valuable rewards. These tasks encompass activities such as utilizing decentralized finance (DeFi) products to earn PEPA coins, establishing social connections, and acquiring seeds from the dedicated store. Following this, players venture into their own territory, which initially appears as a desolate land requiring restoration to its former prosperous state, as elaborated in part 1 of this section. Within this territory, players engage in resource-gathering endeavors such as tree chopping, fishing, sheep shearing, and mining, enabling them to accrue experience points and collect in-game resources.

The primary objective of the beginner tasks is to foster the development of player interaction skills and managerial proficiencies within their respective territories. These tasks encompass activities such as planting seeds, acquiring resources, engaging in resource exchange with other players at the trading center located in the main city, and constructing the initial resource station based on the player's most abundant resource. By completing these tasks, players are encouraged to interact with PEPA DeFi products to receive token rewards, engage in land cultivation for enhanced rewards and upgrades, and effectively manage the development of their territories.

Automated Production

Upon completion of the beginner stage, players progress towards a more advanced phase of the game: the automated production system. In this stage, players can purchase automated equipment such as sprinkler trucks, seeding machines, harvesters, excavators, and other tools to assist and accelerate the process of natural resource production. Additionally, players can employ NPCs from the labor market to help implement the automated production process or operate the equipment themselves. This system will be accessible in the early stages of the game, however, the entry barrier in terms of cost will be relatively high.

Farming & Mining(DeFi Infused)

We've transformed the traditional DeFi activities of liquidity mining and staking into an immersive and enjoyable farming and animal raising simulation. In the green expanses of our virtual farmland, players can purchase seeds from the local market, plant them, and watch as their investments grow over time, much like how liquidity mining works. As they tend to their crops, players earn rewards, both from the underlying protocol and additional bonuses from the PEPA.

At the same time, our animal raising mini-game lets players dive into the world of digital animal husbandry. Players can buy young animals and nurture them to maturity, when they mate and give more births. This process mirrors staking protocols, where players' investments grow over time, yielding potentially significant rewards.

Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) is also ingeniously integrated into an engaging mining game. Players are plunged into a simulated mining world where they can stake tokens and extract value, as in a real-life mining operation. The concept is simple but captivating: players will embark on thrilling mining expeditions to dig for precious resources. But underneath the surface, this activity corresponds to the participation in LSD protocols.

All three provide players with an intuitive, fun-filled avenue to grasp the intricacies of DeFi and extract value from their staked assets, all within an immersive gaming experience.

Exploration Stage

As players progress beyond the beginner stage and attain a certain level of proficiency within their initial territories, they transition into the exploration phase. Equipped with a basic arsenal capable of generating soldiers, players undertake expeditions into mist-covered regions. These endeavors involve engaging in player versus environment (PvE) battles against formidable monsters, necessitating strategic planning based on the number of units under the player's command. Successful conquest of the misty areas reveals the true landscape concealed behind the mist.

The purpose of exploration lies in encountering these monsters and obtaining rare resources as rewards. Each expedition is limited in terms of participant capacity, thereby requiring players to optimize their farm management, upgrade their facilities, and expand their population to overcome these challenges. Furthermore, exploration grants players access to valuable resources, which can be traded on the secondary market or utilized to produce specialized empowered soldiers or items. As players advance further in their exploration endeavors, the accumulation of additional resources for subsequent stages may necessitate collaboration with social connections or guilds.

Theft Game

PEPA introduces a unique theft mechanic, adding a new dimension to the gameplay. This feature allows players to steal rewards from opponents' liquidity mining and token staking operations. Participation in this theft mode requires players to meet certain prerequisites, including staking a specified amount of PEPA coins and achieving certain levels in the game.

The theft mechanic is composed of two aspects: defense and theft. Players' defense and theft system levels are directly tied to their farm levels, allowing them to be upgraded one level higher. During theft gameplay, players are randomly matched with opponents. They aim to steal targeted resources and retreat without getting caught by traps or guard dogs. Failure to evade these obstacles results in the forfeiture of stolen items.

A stamina system governs the theft attempts, affecting the movement speed and limiting the number of daily theft attempts. The stamina value is dependent on the level reached within the defense and theft system. Additionally, players cannot repetitively steal from the same opponent within certain time period.

On the defense side, players can fortify their farms with traps and pets, which doesn't require their active participation. Defensive strength increases with higher defense levels, and the maximum share of rewards that can be stolen will be capped at certain percentage. The progression of the defense and theft system depends on the number of successful thefts, with token-based rewards settled in PEPA coins, which are automatically reinvested into the game's staking pool.

Integration with other systems

The game places substantial emphasis on the role of guilds, which serve as pivotal entities facilitating player interactions and cooperation. To join a guild or establish one, players are required to reach level 5. The gameplay intricately weaves together interactions between players and guilds, as well as fostering collaboration among different guilds.

The simulation system within the game can be upgraded through multiple means, including accumulating experience points, staking PEPA tokens to expedite the upgrade process, and consuming a certain quantity of PEPA coins to advance to higher levels. These mechanisms enable players to enhance and expand their in-game capabilities, promoting a sense of progression and development.

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