💱Trading System

Exchange to excel: empowering growth through dynamic trade

Financial Market (DeFi infused):

PEPA Arcade pushes the boundaries of traditional gaming and DeFi by offering a multi-dimensional gaming platform integrated with established DeFi protocols. We make the world of DeFi more accessible and enjoyable, providing both convenience and education for those who are less familiar with it. This synergistic blend provides players with a new landscape and unique user-experiences, offering a whole new level of interaction and engagement.

Interaction with DeFi protocols is not just a financial mechanism, but also a key aspect of gameplay. Players' engagement with DeFi, such as executing trades on DEXs, participating in IDOs, leveraging lending services, and dealing with derivatives, contributes directly to their progression in the game.

Each interaction with these DeFi services earns players experience points, token rewards, as well as limited in-game props. This system not only democratizes access to DeFi but also gamifies the learning process. The combination of entertainment and financial empowerment delivers an exciting and rewarding experience to the players, simultaneously demystifying the complexities of DeFi and introducing them to a new realm of possibilities.


  • DEX(ATM):

Our platform seamlessly integrates with external DEX contracts, such as Uniswap and 1inch, which offers players the chance to conduct secure and transparent trades. This unique blend of gaming and finance provides users the opportunity to freely exchange their digital assets, acquire real-world financial value, and exchange tokens in a secure and trusted environment.

  • Lending Protocols(Counter):

Lending protocols offer players the ability to lend their tokens and earn passive income. By injecting liquidity into these platforms, players can monetize assets that might otherwise be idle. Furthermore, these lending protocols grant players the ability to borrow tokens, leveraging their existing token holdings to acquire other assets. These borrowed assets can serve various purposes, such as interacting with other DeFi protocols, trading for profits, or covering short-term liquidity needs.

Pesdaq Center:

  • IDO:

Inside our Pesdaq center we provide a dynamic space for project teams to make their grand entrance into the crypto market. Symbolizing the commencement of their journey, project teams can ring a virtual gong during their token's listing event. This not only captures a momentous milestone in their project's timeline but also fosters a sense of community and excitement within our ecosystem.

  • Derivatives Market:

PEPA Arcade is also equipped with an external derivatives market. This feature provides players with a broader array of investment options, enabling them to hedge risks, speculate on future price movements, and gain exposure to diverse asset classes without necessarily owning them. The inclusion of a derivatives market in our game environment further intensifies the thrill of play and reinforces our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and immersive DeFi experience to our players.

Local Market:

  • Liquidity Mining/Staking:

Market is the hub of resources for our farming and animal raising games. This marketplace teems with a diverse range of seeds and baby animals for liquidity mining and staking, providing players with the necessary tools to kick-start their farming adventures. Players visit this market to purchase seeds or baby animals, carefully selecting from a variety of options each with their unique characteristics and potential yields. By strategically choosing and nurturing their seeds, players can maximize their returns from liquidity mining and staking, making the grocery market an integral component of their journey in PEPA Arcade.

In-game Resource Trading (This will be our trading center):

Primary Market (low tax):

  • Natural Resources Generation: PEPA will operate its own land, supplying resources to players. But it requires time to collect the resources.

  • In-game Official Store: Players can purchase resources in the store at a slightly higher price for convenience and speed.

Secondary Market:

PEPA Official Secondary MarketPlayers can list their goods, and each good on the secondary market will be categorized (similar goods will be grouped together for unified buying and selling)

  • Bulk Commodities:

    1. Traded in the form of an order book, similar to crypto

    2. Players can purchase futures and other derivatives

    3. Low tax

  • Niche Products (Long-tail assets, regular NFTs):

    1. Players bid competitively

    2. Goods with randomness or customization

    3. Medium tax

  • Special Commodity (High-end products, rare NFTs):

    1. Limited trading rules (only players who meet certain conditions can buy)

    2. Price limit

    3. Bidding time limit

    4. High tax

  • Private / Guild Shops:

    1. Need a business license

    2. Can customize product trading formats and prices according to the PEPA market template

    3. Release shop / guild coupons, events, memberships, etc.

P2P trade:

  • Only friends can initiate P2P trading

  • Trading process:

    1. Both parties put up items they want to exchange

    2. Both parties agree to exchange items

    3. Trade

Future features (to be developed in a later version):

  • Derivatives Market:

    1. Futures: Similar to the concept of bonds, the difference is that the physical asset in the game is delivered after the futures expire. Traders need to pay a margin in advance to buy futures. If the loss is greater than the margin, the trader will be liquidated. Players can cash out the productivity in the game in advance through futures to obtain cash flow, or use it for arbitrage strategies

    2. Index: Players can invest in price indices of various products

    3. Guild Loan: Guild can obtain credit loans based on their operations and cash flow to alleviate the pressure or expand scale.

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