PEPA Arcade
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PEPA Story

Adventure of our brave piggy starts from here
In an immensely vast and enchanting land called PEPA, a myriad of peculiar and magical creatures coexist - some dwell high in the sky, soaring amongst the clouds; some reside deep underground, in control of the earth's pulsations; and others roam the depths of the ocean, governing the tides. Together, these creatures create a world of extraordinary mystery and fascination.
You, a newly matured PEPA prince, bear the glory and responsibility of your lineage. You have been granted a tract of land, ripe for development. This vibrant territory, with its various natural resources, has limitless potential. It is your starting point and the cornerstone of your future empire.
You are about to embark on a grand journey. Wisely managing your domain, exploiting its resources, engaging in trading, and acquiring necessary assets, you will transform this barren land into a thriving kingdom. You will have to form alliances and engage in diplomacy with other PEPA tribes - sometimes through threats, sometimes through inducements, sometimes through alliances, but always with the aim to strengthen your own territory.
You will explore this vast unknown world, search for hidden secrets, unravel ancient mysteries, rediscover forgotten histories, all while searching for clues about your missing parents. Countless challenges await you - it could be the threat of a dragon, the trial of magic, or the intrigue of politics. No matter what you encounter, you must press forward.