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The Land Upgrade System forms the core of our development system in the PEPA gaming ecosystem. However, it's important to note that the enriched rewards, both in terms of resources and tokens, stem from the upgraded buildings and equipment/items, not directly from the upgraded land. In other words, advancing the level of your land is a prerequisite that unlocks the potential for enhanced rewards through the development of buildings and items.

The land upgrade system serves multiple crucial functions within the PEPA gaming ecosystem. It is:

a) A benchmark for determining a player's entitlement to in-game resources and token rewards, as well as revenue dividends.

b) A direct representation of the player's progress in the game, contributing to a sense of achievement and personal accomplishment.

c) A primary avenue for competition and comparison between players and guilds.

d) A mechanism to control the overall gaming progress of the player community by adjusting the resources required for an upgrade.

Beyond this central structure, we have also implemented a Building Upgrade System and an Equipment/Item Upgrade System to further enrich the gameplay. These systems follow a hierarchy of level progression. The upgrade of the land must precede the upgrades of buildings and equipment/items. The progression of your buildings and equipment/items cannot surpass the level of your land.

This design ensures a consistent and balanced progression, requiring players to strategically plan their land development before advancing other aspects of their in-game assets. It promotes thoughtful gameplay and encourages players to holistically improve their land, buildings, and equipment rather than focusing on one aspect exclusively. As a result, players are motivated to pursue comprehensive development within their territory, which in turn unlocks greater rewards.

Game Progression

In PEPA, the progression of gameplay is designed to gradually introduce players to the game's fundamental aspects and intricacies through a well-structured upgrade system. With each level, players progressively unlock new elements, extending their abilities and enriching the gaming experience.

At the outset, players encounter the basic gameplay mechanics, including production, trading, and system interaction. The introductory levels pave the way for players to understand the basics of simulation and Player versus Environment (PvE) experiences. Each subsequent level unfolds a new facet of the game, including enhanced production capabilities, higher-level PvE challenges, advanced simulation management, and autonomous combat.

Mid-tier levels introduce the rental and friend systems, fostering interaction and cooperation between players. As players progress further, they can delve into the guild system, which significantly boosts player collaboration. This series of developments helps players navigate the PEPA universe with a continual sense of progress and achievement.

In later levels, players can refine their gameplay strategies, equip autonomous troops with additional equipment, and participate in the continuous expansion of the game world. The upgrade and level progression system in PEPA is meticulously planned to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, keeping players engaged and motivated to actively partake in the game world.

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