PEPA Arcade
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Resources play an integral role in our game, serving as a player's basic needs. They can be traded for tokens or used in the construction and upgrade of lands, buildings, and tools. All resources are divided into common and rare categories, with the following distinctions:

Natural Resources:

Natural resources are extracted and produced based on the resources available on a player's land. Players can expand their lands through Player vs Environment (PvE) interactions to develop higher-level rare resources. The natural resources on each undeveloped plot of land are randomly assigned based on the player's level, with higher-level players having a greater chance of obtaining lands with rare resources. Common resources include, but are not limited to, stone, grain, hay, wood, wool, and loam. Rare resources encompass materials like copper ore, gemstones, pearls, and mahogany.

Synthesized Resources:

Synthesized resources require players to construct synthesis-type buildings on their land. These buildings aid in the conversion of natural resources into higher-level synthesized resources. Rare resources can be combined to create higher-level synthesized resources. This aspect of the game introduces an extra layer of strategy and management, as players must decide how to optimally use their resources and buildings for the highest return on investment.