PEPA Arcade
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Unique, digital, and valuable, PEPA NFTs represent superior items or 'magic potions' within our gaming universe, increasing in-game profits and skill potency. These tokens enrich the overall player experience, providing an additional dimension to gameplay progression and engagement.
PEPA NFTs can be won as spoils from various in-game activities. Whether it's battling through PVE or PVP, completing guild tasks, or venturing across the extensive in-game map, players have numerous chances to acquire these digital treasures. In addition, maintaining regular daily check-ins can also yield NFTs as bonus rewards, fostering consistent player involvement.
On the consumption side, these NFTs provide diverse benefits. They can be utilized in the synthesis and upgrading of in-game characters or items, powering their abilities and statistics. Certain NFTs are available for one-time use, providing an immediate but temporary boost to a character or item's stats. Additionally, the official PEPA platform offers to repurchase these NFTs from players, ensuring a fluid market and offering an avenue for players to cash out their in-game earnings.