PEPA Arcade
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Guild System

Unite, conquer, and prosper
In PEPA Arcade, we introduce a guild system, a unique feature designed to enhance player interaction and foster community growth. Guilds act as a nexus, connecting individual players through a range of simulated trade and business activities. This is the initial stage of social interaction within the guild, creating a sense of community among the players.
As players progress in the game, the guild interaction evolves to include collaborative PvE battles for the exploration and development of advanced territories. This brings an additional level of strategy and coordination, gradually increasing the social interaction and cooperation requirements among the guild members. The guild system, thus, introduces a gradual evolution of social dynamics, growing from simple trade interactions to more complex cooperative ventures.
The advanced fighting power that guilds bring, critical for territorial expansion in the later stages of the game, serves as the bonding factor. If buildings represent the means of production and are reliant on territories, then the high-end battle power capable of expanding territories in the later stages becomes the means to produce these means of production.
Guilds are awarded a fixed income as a basic reward, incentivizing them to engage in seasonal PvP and large-scale world exploration to earn additional rewards. Overall, the implementation of the guild system will instill stronger social attributes within PEPA, creating a more vibrant community atmosphere. More details about the guild system will be disclosed in due course, so stay tuned for exciting updates.